What is a Domain?

A domain is a website address such as www.google.com or www.ApexCustomSolution.com

Domains are purchased from a domain name registrar such as godaddy, google, siteground etc. and has an annual charge. Some clients choose to have more than one domain and point them all to the same website. I recommend this in a competitive market or where spelling mistakes of the domain are anticipated or when a desire to incorporate keywords will be used to drive website traffic. APEX can source and purchase the domain on the behalf of my clients.

What is a Favicon?

A Favicon is the tiny logo that sits on the window tab when you’re on a website. If you look up now you’ll see the mini APEX logo sitting up there!

What is Hosting?

Hosting is the place your website lives. Your website files and content use space and it is stored online by ‘the hosting company’ which you pay annually for. Hosting should include a security certificate which means the HTTP becomes HTTPS and you should see a padlock next to the website address bar at the top.